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        1. Contact Us|中文

          Hello, welcome to visit this site!

          Contact:Miss Dong
          Add:NO.3-2,South xingang road, Taixing Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu China

          Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in September 2005, located in Taixing Economic Development Zone, Newport South Road, by the Jiangsu Meilan Group Taizhou Qingsong Chilling New Materials Co., Ltd., Taixing City, the essence of Park Biochemical Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong natural joint venture, Mainly the production of new refrigerants. The company started construction in 2005, in 2013 and the expansion and technological transformation, the current capacity of 15,000 tons.
          Company to Jiangsu Meilan Group strong technical force as the support, and strive to form their own technological advantages and technical characteristics, now has all kinds of specialization, high performance, high security and production equipment and analysis of data processing systems, DCS production automation Control system, SIS security control system.
          The company has a national invention patents, eight utility model patents. High-purity difluorochloroethane products for the high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, ultra-high purity difluorochloroethane production equipment and technology won the third prize of government science and technology progress. Companies for high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province. The company passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO28001 system certification, through the two safety standardization acceptance, clean production audit, production process safety, environmental protection, clean and sustainable.
          Companies adhere to the "science and technology plant" strategy, take the road of scientific and technological development, and constantly optimize the product structure, the development of high-tech products. Adhere to the quality first, adhere to the principle of keeping promises and keeping promises, to maintain a good social image, for many years by Japan Daikin and other well-known companies as the best suppliers. The company has been focusing on product quality improvement, to meet user needs as the starting point, and constantly improve the quality assurance capabilities.
          The company attaches importance to safety, and constantly increase the safety investment, with new technology, new technology, the application of new equipment to promote the continuous improvement of production technology, production equipment to achieve automation, intelligent, interlocking, improve the operating environment, improve the essence Safety, reduce the labor intensity, while the development of production focus on safety, environmental protection and coordinated development, effectively guarantee the safety and health of workers.
          The company through the environmental remediation, pollution sources have been the basic control, production of normal and orderly, quality, environment, safety work continued to improve, the company continued to improve, become customer satisfaction, social recognition, staff trust good business.
          In the course of future development, the company will adhere to the "no matter where the position, we will not give up the first dream" of the entrepreneurial spirit, through continuous improvement and innovation, the enterprise will continue to become bigger and stronger for the revitalization of national chemical industry , The development of local economy to make greater contributions.

          CopyRight:Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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