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        1. Contact Us|中文

          Hello, welcome to visit this site!

          Contact:Miss Dong
          Add:NO.3-2,South xingang road, Taixing Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu China

          Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. >> About Us >> General Manager Speaking

           In the autumn of 2005, in a harvest season, Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd., a new type of refrigerant production industry rookie, in the vigorous development of the tide, in the strong reform of the east, came into being. At the beginning of the birth, the company will be green, environmental protection, security, sustainable as the company's development philosophy, science and technology, innovation as the company's development, will be collaboration, integration, win-win situation as the company's development goals, Forge ahead, Mu wind row of rain, tempered forward. More than ten years of hardships, more than ten years of wind and rain, more than ten years of harvest, today's Taixing Meilan, already has authorized patents 9, the company for high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province for high-tech products , Passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO28001 system certification, through the two safety standardization acceptance, clean production audit.
          Looking back over the past ten years, we sincerely thank the community of Taixing Meilan's strong support and selfless love, and sincerely thank all the staff of the hard work and hard work, and sincerely thank the family members of our work understanding and support! With you, We can achieve today's development performance, but also for us to take a more solid future development of the road to lay a solid foundation.
          The future has come. Looking forward to the future of the road, we will not slack, not complacent, more confident to consolidate the production base, expand business space, enhance innovation, enhance science and technology research and development, and create a humanistic environment. We will continue to provide quality services to every friend who care about our friends, providing value and wealth. At the same time, actively assume more, greater social responsibility, through their own business performance improvement, for the community to create greater economic benefits. We will continue to follow the trend, seize the opportunity to change the concept, pioneering and innovative, together with all my colleagues to jointly promote the cause of Taixing Meilan greater development in the new era of innovation and development, continue to create new glories.
          Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. Welcome!

          CopyRight:Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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