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          Hello, welcome to visit this site!

          Contact:Miss Dong
          Add:NO.3-2,South xingang road, Taixing Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu China

          Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. >> News >> The 28th International Refrigeration Exhibition in Shanghai held Merlin company to bring R22, R32, R

          The 28th International Refrigeration Exhibition in Shanghai held Merlin company to bring R22, R32, R

          April 12-14, the 28th International Refrigeration Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, from 33 countries and regions around the world of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and food refrigeration and other industries more than 1,200 Exhibitors gathered here to communicate. China International Trade Promotion Committee Beijing Branch, China Refrigeration Society, China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, Shanghai Refrigeration Society and Shanghai Freezing and Air Conditioning Industry Association co-sponsored by the Beijing International Exhibition Center. Meilan company vice chairman Yin Ming, general manager Zhou Yubin led a delegation to participate in the exhibition, and with domestic and foreign customers, industry executives conducted in-depth exchanges.

          Many domestic and foreign customers and peer leaders to the booth for a friendly exchange, Daikin Chemical Division Purchasing Minister to general manager Zhou Yubin presented 2016 annual supply chain best partner best strategic partner medals.

          Juhua company chairman Hu Zhongming, general manager of Australia and other industry leaders have come to the Merlin booth to communicate with each other to enhance mutual understanding, in order to build a healthy marketing environment in-depth exchanges.

          At the exhibition, Merlin company focused on the enterprise R32, R152a, R410, R404, R507 and other new refrigerant products, not only reflects the company has a relatively strong R & D strength, but also reflects the company attaches great importance to safety and environmental protection of social responsibility, And actively promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises in the industry at the forefront of the lead.

          International refrigeration exhibition has been nearly 30 years of history, is now among the world's HVAC refrigeration and air conditioning industry one of the largest professional exhibition. The exhibition Merlin company to bring R22, R32, R152a, R410, R404, R507 and other products exhibitors. Meilan company refrigerant products in the industry has a leading position, a higher visibility and reputation, especially the new refrigerant R32 is in a state of short supply, by the customer's trust. Meilan company refrigerant R22 has won the "China Famous Brand", "brand-name products in Jiangsu Province," "Taizhou brand-name products," the title, was rated as national high-tech products. Meilan has a fluorine reactor R22 main reactor products such as independent core technology, patents and independent intellectual property rights.

          CopyRight:Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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